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An automatic gate opener operates gates in one of two ways: a hydraulic system or an electromechanical system. A gate opening system ensures safety and security, facilitates ease of entry, and provides logistical control of entry and exit. Several options are available for controlling the gate opener, and some require monitoring. Safety is a concern, as gates are heavy, and opening systems come fitted with safety options to stop gate operation if an obstacle is in the way. A few options are available for the type of gate. Most residential driveway gates swing, opening in or out, but some consumers may prefer a slide gates.

Solar Gate Opener A solar gate opener is a great choice if access to a power supply is limited or nonexistent. Solar gate openers use solar panels to create power to operate the gate system. A solar power unit is a great option for those who need to operate the gate during a power outage. Solar panels used for this type of application are small and inconspicuous, preserving the aesthetic look of the gate.

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  • Slide Gate Opener Slide gate openers operate using a chain. The chain pulls the gate open and holds it in the open position, releasing and returning the gate to the closed position when activated. Slide gates are generally heavier than swing gates, and they require more force to operate. The weight and force are safety issues to consider when choosing a gate opener.

  • Swing Gate Opener Swing gate openers use a swing arm or a ram arm to open and close the gate. A swing arm opens the gate with an arm that extends from the control box to the gate. A ram arm opens and closes the gate using a hydraulic piston or jackscrew piston. The piston or screw for ram arm operation is located in the gatepost. An option exists for underground placement of the motor that operates the openers. Swing gate openers are available as single or dual openers. Swing gates are not as powerful as slide gate openers; some believe this makes a swing gate a safer choice for residential use.

  • "Telephone Entry Systems and Keypads are an easy and affordable method of controlling access to your property. There are 2 types of Digital Keypads, Wireless & Hard-Wired. The most common type are Hard Wired Keypads which, as the name implies, require a physical, wired connection to the control mechanism.Digital Keypads control Magnetic Locks & Electric Strikes on Electric Gates and Garage Doors for Residential, Apartment & Commercial Buildings.."

  • Commercial and Residential Telephone Entry Systems use the same phone line as the residence. The entry system rings the local phone with a distinct ring when someone presses the call button at the driveway gate. All phones on that line will ring and the gate can be controlled from any of them including wireless phones. Most of these systems can call up to three pre-programmed numbers and the gate can be controlled remotely by phones anywhere.These systems are meant for gated communities, apartment building, and other multi-user situations. They can keep records of individual users and can incorporate card readers & transponders.

  • "Automated driveway gates require safety precautions that protect against entrapment and hazardous pinch points. Photo Eyes, Safety Edges and other Sensing Mechanisms are designed to detect a potentially dangerous situation, such as a vehicle blocking the gate travel path and either stop or reverse the cycle.."

    "Photo Eyes or Beams are devices that operate by shooting a beam of light across the gate opening. Interrupting the beam will prevent the gate from closing, or will stop the gate and reverse its motion."

    "Safety Edges are contact devices that operate when touched using pressure sensitive sensors. If an obstacle is encountered, the device signals the gate opener to stop and/or reverse operations."

    "Vehicle Loops and Loop Detectors are used to detect the presence of a vehicle to open a gate, or as a safety device to prevent the gate from closing on a vehicle in its path."

  • " Wrought iron gate and fence repair Grace Ironworks is an expert company that is able to provide a wide range of repair services. Whether you have problems with ornamental, steel, or wrought iron gates and fence, our can provide efficient service that ensures the shortest downtime for your passageway. We can also troubleshoot automatic gate operators and intercom system, remote control, latest brand parts that has to do with your electric gate, you can entrust to us. We have a technicians who are equipped with the right skills and tools to assist residential and commercial customers. We also offer maintenance services."

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